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Through R O Plant wasted water can be converted into drinking water


Regarding the RO plant, understand one thing as many companies sell minerals water bottles, they all convert boring water into a mineral water through the RO plant and then sell it packed in bottles. Large international companies like Nestle, Kinley and Aquafina could invest millions of rupees and invest ROs but now it is not because now with RO-25 thousand rupees from the domestic RO plant, it is easily available to millions of RO plants that make ocean water sweet. The reason is that now many companies are doing this. RO can be started by Rs 4 lakh, which can be read by clicking here by constructing a mineral water that has been consumed through RO plant. RO plants need to understand one type of filtration plant as well as that both types of plant and commercial are available as well as filtration plants are also available in both domestic and commercial. Mineral water sellers are more greedy People plant a large filtration plant instead of RO planting and sell water of government taps and sell water in the name of mineral water. It is clear that the water of 19 liters of jumbo sized bottle of water is used only in two hundred rupees for making cooled water. After getting such a cheap water, they should not be more lazy than ever. However, if They spend one time they can earned life time.

Drinking water causes 90% diseases

Clean water is the first requirement of a healthy society. After the electricity and gas load shedding of water, the water has not only become rare, but the quality of drinking water, according to some astonishing facts, This blessing is also unhealthy for human health. According to the recent report of the International Investigation Agency, 82 percent of the drinking water in Pakistan is unhealthy for human health. The news of the culture has been read up to you, but not only Karachi but also the water research According to the report, bacteria , soil and waste have been mixed in drinking water in 23% major cities of the country. Waiting at Atak's place in Punjab, 85 death knock percent Faisalabad 45% 'Gujranwala 68%' in Gujrat and Kasur, 24% in Lahore, 48% in Multan, 73% in Rawalpindi, Sargodha 77% Sheikhpura 44% and 45% in Sialkot's water Pollution has been found, where as the amount of synthesis in the water of Lahore 'Multan' Sargodha 'Kasoor and Bahawalpur has been revealed. According to the Medical Health Association, 90% of the diseases in the country have drinking water due to which 11 lakh people annually Gose to mouth, hepatitis and cancer, like cancer, also cause reason for drinking It's water.

Simple Solution

If you have boring or well in your home and that is salty water, you can make it sweet not only sweet but you can turn it into a mineral water, it is necessary that you have to first test your home water so that it leaves How much is your home water TDS (Total Dissolve Solids) ? The more the TDS is, the water will be as bad as possible and the RO plant is as expensive as water TDS High, Remember it when tds is high so your water is dirty, Now we are talking about the RO plant, it is for family members of 6 to 10 people who can make 1200TDS to 1500 TDS (Total Dissolve Solids) sweet and can provide 70 gallons of clean water in one day, One year warranty. With Rs 25,000 If the number of family members is too high or if you need more water than the cost of the plant increases accordingly.

Without Clean Water

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  • Improves Health

    RO water purifier removes toxin such as lead, mercury, Fluoride, Arsenic, Chlorine which case human body to be ill. Lead metal can cause brain damage and anemia.

  • Friendly To Enviroment

    RO plant have plenty of advantages. They are friendly to the environment, as they do not produce or use any harmful chemicals during the process. These systems also require a minimal amount of power. Reverse osmosis systems work well in home filtration systems because they are typically small in size.


Adopting high quality Chinese & international brand membrane, parts and raw material. With over 20 years experience of manufacturing, we serve our customers with best quality and service.