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Clean water is the first requirement of a healthy society. After the electricity and gas load shedding of water, the water has not only become rare, but the quality of drinking water, according to some astonishing facts, its unhealthy for human health. According to the recent report of the International Investigation Agency, 82 percent of the drinking water in Pakistan is unhealthy for human health. The news of the culture has been read up to you, but not only Karachi but also the water research According to the report, , bacteria , soil and waste have been mixed in drinking water in 23 major cities of the country. Waiting at Attak's place in Punjab 85%, 'Bilawalpur 50%' Faisalabad 45% 'Gujranwala 68%' in Gujarat and Kasoor, 78% percent 'Lahore', 24% in '48% in Multan', 73% in Rawalpindi, Sargodha 77% Sheikhpura 44% and 45% percent in Sialkot water Pollution has been found, where as the amount of synthesis in the water of Lahore 'Multan' Sargodha 'Kasoor and Bahawalpur has been revealed. According to the Medical Health Association, 90% of the diseases in the country have drinking water due to which 11 million people annually Death leads to death Hapa tights and cancer such as cancer are also contaminated due to the cause of drinking.

Disadvantages Of Boil Water

Boiling water is a dangerous process. And when we cool the boiled water, the bacteria spread to five miles in the air are also included. Boil Water Boiling brings a layer above the water, which we understand as dirt or germs, separately from the water when there are actually natural minerals available in the water that we throw out and throw. Most undesirable doctors also recommend drinking boiling water, while in fact, the research of the doctor is not on water nor water is a project of doctors. Boil water is still some what fine for a sick man because its force is very weak but it is not suitable for a healthy person. The country's leading doctor Khalid Ghaznavi writes in his book Medicine, "It is okay to temporarily boil water, but its continuous use gradually reduces our nervous system and also reduces the amount of saliva in the body. Panyam naturally contains minerals such as calcium, potato magnesium, and audiences that are lost due to boiling water. Calcium and magnesium protect us from heart attack and heart stroke, while avenue is very important for the development of children and their mental health. Apart from this, the leprosy disease like Hepatitis, which has spent millions of rupees even death Pushes into the valley and the bacterial also do not end up with the result of this boiling because the hepatitis bacteria have 350 degrees while the cancer bacteria end up at 750 degree centigrams, where as our homes' tanks are more than 100 degree centigrams. Is it Apparently, if you boil water in a drop of oil and a rock clay, water, all day you will see that the oil and the sand are in the water.

Drinking water in Pakistan is not available anywhere!!!

The current situation is that the citizens of Lahore's provincial capital, Lahore, are forced to drink poisoned water instead of natural water, in addition to the ineligible filters. The lake extracted from the ground or river Raw Water is able to drink through water treatment plants and the condition of Lahore's heart is that the water of the river Ravi is constantly contaminated with industrial waste and sewage water. There are 6 places in the River Ravi around Lahore, where all the Lahore West and Sewage water are poured out in the river Ravi. The well-being vegetables available to Lucknow Lahore are also being consumed from the same arsenic water on the banks of the river Ravi, which are very harmful to human health. On the other hand, if talk about karachi, its condition is far worse than other cities of the country. Due to severe health water, many types of stomach and throat including herbs, typhoid, hepatitis, are causing stress. People are suffering from diseases, skin and respiratory diseases due to the mixture of chemical waste water in industrial cities including Faisalabad. According to reports, polluted water is forming liver diseases, hepatitis A and E. In addition, contraceptive water intake also causes disorders, symptoms, bleeding, and various diseases of hair including eyes. Due to the lack of drinking water, people are forced to drink contaminated water. Health is available from bacteria in the patient. Problems are being created. According to experts, most of the diseases are being caused by hazardous health and these are increasing daily. Massage of Heavy Metals in drinking water affects children's mental and physical growth. According to the latest research every year, two million and thirty thousand children are suffering from various diseases due to hazardous health.

Domestic R O Plant and its price

Due to non-availability of fresh water, wedding halls, hospitals, schools, universities, mosques,, jewelery companies, meat-making companies, pharmaceuticals, poultry farms, beverage industries, hotels, laboratories, builders, Communities and even and farming people are also using RO plants. These RO plants are up to a few millions to several million rupees. Its cost depends on two things.

  • Number 01:-

The boring or well-known saltwater that is to be sweet is as high as it is, how much the TDS (Total Dissolve Solids) is as much as it is, the more the water is as much as it is, the higher the value of the RODS, the RO.

  • Number 02:-

RO planting company, how much water is needed for the company or home. The amount of water you need that how much water you want, the plant price will increase

1000 to 1200 liters of water is needed .And to meet the requirement, the RO plant is required as a family RO plant that provides 200 liters of water in one hour and this gives you 24 hours of water by going to 5 to 6 hours. . Its price ranges from Rs 2 lakhs to 4 lakhs. Which family RO plant you need to take place at your home? 2 lakhs, 3 lakhs or 4 lakhs? It is important to know that the first answer to this question can be answered correctly before your home boring water is checked. Well if you live in a building or colony it has many family members and everyone needs water for all use, then you should have all family members to build a large RO plant for building, called community RO plant Then there will be a maximum of 50,000 to every family on each family and you will find an excellent RO plant for your building, which will always meet all the needs of your water forever. Such a community plant usually produces billions of people who sell their flats. But sadly, in our country, celebrations such as birthday, Mahandi and Mangni in our country, whenever a proposal is made for a collective work in front of a people who hang millions of rupees, people hesitate to spend a few thousand rupees and As a consequence, painful life is spent, or by spending millions of rupees alone, just solving your problem and the neighbor remains unhealthy. Along with the above information, we are also giving below details of Family RO plant which is 25,000 Rupees Domestic RO plant that will be helpful in making decisions for you.

Domestic R O Plant

Warranty two year, price 25000 rupees (to make the dried water sweet (mineral water) and for drinking and cooking use)

This plant delivers water for drinking and cooking with 100% free bacteria. it is connected to the kitchen with the kitchen tubes. This plant also removes particles from the water which is in the water It has become part of it and it is also part of the water which is not a part of water. If water is used in all kinds of water, it means that water is used for drinking, so a family comprising 6 people Need 1000 liters of water in one day. While this plant provides 10 liters of water in one hour (i.e. 250 liters in 24 hours) .this ROPlant is for 6 to 10 people for drinking and cooking for the family. This plant isn’t for taking bath. Not enough. Domestic RO plant water is not only sweet water its Called Mineral Water and after planting this plant, you can not only make the water sweet but it can also save money that you spend on mineral water bottles. The water obtained through this plant is cleaned by all kinds of disorders and bacteria and the health of the people of the household. This plant size has two feet wide and three feet long and . It only needs electricity as much as a mobile phone is to charge the battery. This plant auto It is a metabolism and with a small cake of fifteen cake is full of water that draws the water automatically into the glass or jug from the tip of its tank, the plant work itself automatically and the lesser the water tank It is again re-filled and the plant start again, there is no cost of electricity . Along with that, every kind of gastrointestinal and bacterial, clean and clean healthy water is always available to you. However, its filters are definitely changed. At the time of the change of the filter, There is no service Charges. The filters cost is just Rs 1050. The change of this filter reminds you of the RO Plant Pakistan representative for the filter change and you can also call for any Help whenever you need help 03 131 131 131 . This RO plant takes up to 25 thousand with Two year warranty.

One thing needs to be remembered in relation to this plant that if your home-based TDS is up to date, the plant is suitable for you, and if you have too many TDS, you're better than this and advanced technology RO plant. The higher the TDS of water, the higher the cost of the plant will increase. And the higher the cost of your water, the higher the cost of the plant, the same will increase. The cost of the customs RO plant starts at Rs 25,000 and then goes up to 4 lakhs .as per requirement and the higher the cost of TDS plant. More . You can get us the TDS test of your boring water perfectly for free. For example, in half a liter bottle, a sampling of boring water, samples will be reported to you in fifteen to twenty minutes after checking the water. So that you can figure out how much RO plant will cost you .If you can not reach the water samples itself, call us our Contact number 03 131 131 131. Our representative will come to you and take the samples of water from u and it is tested in our Laboratory The report will be told there is no charges for our services..

    2:  Domestic RO Plant (For Advance Technology 2000 TDS Drinking Water)

This plant sweet up to four hundred thousand TDS (total dissolve solids) water and clean it with 100% bacteria. And provides more than double water than a 25,000 Domestic Plant. 24 liters in one hour, but this water is not enough for washing and drinking, but drinking and cooking ten for twelve people This water is sufficient enough to wash the vessel. This plant provides 500 to 750 liters (i.e. 200 gallons) clean water in 24 hours, which is no less than mineral water and due to its beauty in home decorations There is also an increase. After planting it, you can not only make the water sweet but it can also save money that you spend on minerals water bottles, because this plant also gives you better quality water than the water mixed with mineral water bottles. This plant is available with Two year warranty. The cost of this plant is Rs 65000 only/-

What You Have To Do......?

If you have boring or well-being in your home and its water is salty, you can make it sweet but not only sweet but you can turn it into a mineral water, but it is necessary that you first test your home water so that it leaves How much is your home water TDS? The more TDS is, the water will be as bad as possible and the RO plant is as expensive as the water will be.what TDS happens. RO Plant Pakistan lets you test water free of charge if you want to check by RO Plant Pakistan. To test the water, it is necessary for you to pack 600ml or half liters of water in a bottle or well water bottle and pack it well in our office and test your provided water within a fifteen to twenty minutes. Will be given However, if you live out of Karachi and can not get yourself water, it would be better if you pack a bottle of water through TCS or any other courier services and send it to our office address. Well, today, the transport service also serves cargo services. They can also send us a bottle of water. Our representative in the cross will receive your sent water bottle from the office of this transport company. If your home water is more saline and its TDS exceeds the test, the RO plant will be prepared by this water and its cost will increase. Regarding the RO plant, understand one thing as many companies sell minerals water bottles, they all convert boring water into a mineral water through the RO plant and then sell it packed in bottles. Large international companies like Nestle, Kinley and Aquafina could invest millions of rupees and invest ROs but now it is not because now with RO-25 thousand rupees from the domestic RO plant, it is easily available to millions of RO plants that make ocean water sweet. The reason is that now many companies are doing this. RO can be started by Rs 4 lakh, which can be read by c by constructing a water-mineral water that has been consumed through RO plant. RO plants need to understand one type of filtration plant as well as that both types of plant and commercial are available as well as filtration plants are also available in both domestic and commercial. Mineral water sellers are more greedy People plant a large filtration plant instead of RO planting and sell water of government taps and sell water in the name of mineral water. It is clear that the water of 19 liters of jumbo sized bottle of water is used only in two hundred rupees for making water-cooled water. After getting such a cheap water, they should not be more greedy even though They spend only Rs. 4 lakhs after planting an RO, they can earn life time..